PLC Collar Machine Cup Filler

PLC Operated hign speed packaging machine for packing free flowing products.


  • The sealing and cutting operations are through fast activated air cylinder for highly efficient operations
  • This unit can be equipped with computerized weighing devices, cup filler, auger filler, ball feeder, liquid dosage pump to pack the product in sachet
  • PLC controlled servo driven ensuring superior bag forming accuracy
  • Photo-cell controlled Teaching Scanner ensures extremely accurate bag forming, sealing and cutting performances
  • The entire procedure from bag forming, filling and sealing to cutting and packaging is fully automatically operated.
  • Product out-feeding can be furnished with an optional out feed conveyor for convenient products collection.
  • This unit is designed to perform pillow type packaging operations.


Technical Specifications:

Product Application Tea, Namkeen, Pulses & Cereals, Rice, Puff etc.
Packaging Speed15-60 Bags/Min 15-60 Bags/min
Max. Weight / Bag Upto 2 Kg
Pack Size Roll Width – 90-480mm Pouch Length – 100-500mm Core Dia.- 75 mm Max
Outer Dia.- 350 mm
Film (unwinding through synchronize motor) Type - Multilayer laminate Web size - 200-470 mm
Sealing System Type - Continuous Heat SealPillow type/ Gusset
Filling System Electronic Weigh Filler, Cup Filler, Auger Filler, Liquid Pump
Pulling System Electro Magnetic Clutch & Brake/Servo
Power Consumption 2.5 KW, 220 V/Single-Phase incorporated with AC drive/PLC
Dimension 150x1200x2600mm(LxWxH)