Flow Wrap Machine Horizontal

Flow Wrap Machine


  • Packs biscuit, solid shaped parts with out wrapping
  • AC drive motor and digital electronics
  • Perfect sealing gusset type
  • Intermittent drive for feed belt
  • Height adjustment for sealer unit

Technical Specifications:

Machine Biscuit Packing
Sealing Pillow type
Contact Parts SS 304/316 Grade
Motor 1.5 HP, 3 Phase AC
Laminate Structure Polyster Laminated with LLPDE, HDPE, Foil laminates, Heat Sealable plain, Peralised BOPP and any heat sealable film
Packing speed 40-100 min
Web Size Width (40-125mm)
Height (40-100mm)
Length (70-225mm)
Heater 180 kg 150Wx 8 pcs
300W x 2 Pcs
Weight approx 1250 kg