Form Fill Seal Machine - Ball Feeder

FFS MACHINE incorporated with ball feeder to pack irregular shaped products individually in sachet such as Tridot cassette, circular shaped products, hardware items, tablets.


  • Accurate & Precise Design.
  • Noiseless Performance.
  • Contact parts in Stainless Steel.
  • Durable Mechanical Structure.
  • Low Wear & Tear and maintenance.
  • Economical reliable Solution with High Output.

Technical Specifications:

Product Application Irregular shaped products
Sealing Type Centre Seal
Packing Size Single pc
Feeding System Ball feeder
Speed 20-40/min
Main Motor ½ H.P. 50 Hz Single phase
Heater Load 150 W – 2pcs / 300 W – 2 pcs
Laminate Heat sealable laminate film
Core dia 75 mm / Max outer dia 350 mm
Contact Parts Stainless Steel
Power Consumption 2 Kw
Machine Dimension L. 1000 x W. 910 x H. 1560 (mm)
Optional Attachments (At an extra cost) Electronic contact coder.
Out feed conveyor
Air Compressor 6 CFM